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  ShanDong WenShang RuYi  RunFa Textile Co., LTD Was established in 2007, with the registered capital 10 million, and in the industrial park of yavin 50,000 pounds on the new project in the year 2008, the company comber spinning existing staff more than 800 people, specialized technical personnel more than 100 people. Advanced twisting machine, 29, cotton ring 60,000 pounds, with an annual output of various knitting and weaving yarn million tons, sales income is nearly 2 billion yuan. With high-grade knitting yarn combed yarn spinning, and as good as JC60s .The product structure is more and more reasonable, product quality with continuous improvement, and satisfy the requirements of customers. Companies have vast domestic and foreign markets, products throughout the country and exported to southeast Asia.
  The company adhere to the road of the high quality of products and the difference of development.The new products in 2008 and 2009 has received a good praise. The company has strong technical innovation ability, the products implement the reform of traditional, adjustment of product structure, establishing the production and sales of rapid feedback mechanism, with high-end, differentiation, excellent product quality won many customers.
  In order to improve the comprehensive strength and product competitiveness, and further saving energy consumption, and reasonable utilization of resources, enlarge the capacity of the company in the year 2010. 10 million pounds of new compact spinning production will on line, the dominant products on compact yarn 40s - 80s, annual average yarn count nearly tons. There will be on normal production at the end of the 2010.
  Companies in recent years for the survival by the quality strives, relying on technology progress, economic efficiency from the management, development, economic benefit and social benefit enhances unceasingly. Companies adhere to the use of enterprise culture, promote enterprise's core competitive ability for enterprises to establish good social image in the development.

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