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   China's textile and apparel network http://www.texcn.net/mainweb/index.asp
   China's textile and garment information network  http://www.3fnet.com
   China Textile Economic Information Network  http://www.ctei.gov.cn
   China Textile Network Online E-commerce  http://www.fzzx.com.cn
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   Spinning the Web  http://www.texsino.com
   Textile trading networks  http://www.tradetextile.com
  Textile Trade Network  http://www.textile-trade.com
   Eastern Textile Network  http://www.ecf.com.cn

Shijiazhuang Textile Network  http://www.sjz-tex.com
Beijing Textile Information Network  http://www.bjtextile.com
Silk Road International Textile Network  http://www.stextile.com
Xintiandi Textile Business Network  http://www.newworldtex.com
Textile sight  http://www.tex-china.com
Textile Tihua Street (Taiwan) http://www.14xx.com.tw
Clothing network  http://www.yeefu.com
Style Online  http://www.chicshow.com
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Chinese Clothing Online  http://www.efsee.com
China Cotton Information Network  http://www.cottonchina.org
China Chemical Fiber Economic Information Network  http://www.ccfei.net.cn
Xiaoshan cotton yarn market  http://www.chinacottonyarn.com
Four Seasons Apparel Business Network http://www.e-clothing.com.cn
China's export apparel network http://www.clothingmedia.com.cn

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