Welcome! Today is:

Dear partner, everybody!
  First, welcome to join with Ruyirunfa family, I believe this is an important decision in your life path, I believe this decision is a key step in the path of your personal career development and realize the ideal life path across a key step.
  Ruyirunfa is the need of economic development should be born, the company's goal is: let Ruyirunfa textile into every family, let everyone knows Ruyirunfa textile, beloved.
  To achieve this goal, needs the family of you, he and I -- each partner actively develop "innovation and efficiency, solidarity, the pursuit of excellence of the spirit of enterprise, make with high sense of responsibility, the master, and the family, virtue, in their respective positions, hard work, conscientious, strive for success, arrived.
As a member of the family, colleagues and should love each other and complement each other, to advance together, we can become a strong team, braving the road, overwhelming in complete enterprise target. With first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class service, first-class management, first-class prestige, let us out of China and in the world.
Advocate "people-oriented", fully respect employees' value, emphasize the labor of everyone, advocate the positive spirit. Only with the efforts of all the staff, can we win enterprise wide in the future.
  Finally, I wish everybody use this handbook for partner, I wish you all in the family work, and have a bright future!

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