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  Company pays much attention to the enterprise culture theory and the "people-oriented" is the core company philosophy. The idea originated from western economics, emphasize the importance of respect on man, interpersonal moral   charisma, compatibility and morale.
  The spirit of enterprise-----credit, innovation centre.
  The core concept ----- strict , truth and sincere to the good.
  Management concept----- advanced technology and exquisite strategy.
  The core competitiveness ----- unceasingtransformation, continuous innovation.
  Development concept ----- grasp the opportunities strongly.
  Enterprise style -- selfless dedication, the pursuit of excellence.
  Enterprise slogan-----notice more, issues a bit less.
  Management idea----- based on technology, management is power.
  The market concept ----- The market is infinite, The biggest enemy is our own, the biggest market in the us.
  Product idea-----attentive, carefully, quality, and contentment.
  Talent concept ----- only responsibility, can undertake bigger responsibility.

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